This is a 15 button for your desk.
It can do anything. It knows no limits.

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Works with everything, and anything:

We're making a USB button to help you perform everyday tasks just by pushing it.

And here is where it gets interesting:
No account, no mandatory platform. You push it, it does something.

Plug & Play

Just a lightweight, secure Mac app.
Unbox it, plug it, use it


We're here to help you implement whatever you can think of.

Lifelong warranty

We want you to use the button as much and as wildly as you can. If you break it, we'll replace it.

“ What would I do with a big red button? ”
Inspiration will kick in soon, here are some examples to get started:

Push the button to...
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  •    Send a random gif to someone in your Slack team

  •     Send a micro-donation to a charity

  •    Set your "Do not disturb" status on Slack

  •    Start a new task on your time-tracking app

  •    Announce coffee break

  •    Announce that you need more beers

  •    Close every browser tabs but the current

  •    Start a victory song

  •    Display your todo list

  •    Vehemently approve something

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About this button

We're Hackerloop, a collective of crazy engineers and product designers from Paris. What we're building all day is connected hardware that makes sense for the end user. This cheap, all-you-can-think-of button is our answer to overpriced, dysfunctional connected tools. This button is simple, and will be best pushed on your desk.

Whether it's to announce a new sale, or just to lure your coworkers into a coffee break, you'll be able to do so. If you break it, we'll replace it :)

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Stay crispy.

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